story time with uncle joe


Uncle Joe's Sauces are inspired by my own experiences and upbringing in rural Southern Illinois. Made up mostly of farmers and coal miners, The Diggins was the name of the small area where I was raised. I lived on a farm with a large garden. We grew peaches and strawberries as well as raised chickens, hogs and cattle.

I had a love for cooking at an early age. I soon started experimenting with a wide variety of seasonings and taste combinations. Over the years I started constructing my own seasonings and sauces.

Now, thousands of pounds of ingredients later, I have perfected these recipes and set myself apart with my own signature taste. I want you to enjoy Uncle Joe's just as my family and I have enjoyed it. And, if you ever find yourself in The Diggins ... drop in and sit a spell. You're always welcome at Uncle Joe's.